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3D Printer Kits and Components

Robotronics only collects enough of your personal information so that we can process your order.

What information do we keep?

  • We keep your address so that we can post your item.
  • We keep your phone number and email address so that we can contact you regarding your order. Your may also be added to our mailing list but only if you have requested to be added.

We do not provide you email address or any other information to anyone else for any reason.

What information don't we keep?

  • We do not keep your credit card details. Your credit card details are provided at the Paypal gateway so that Paypal can process your payment. At this point you are on Paypal's website. We never see your credit card details we are just passed the payment from Paypal.

This website uses industry standard SSL encryption on any pages that contain personal information.

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All items ship from our office in Townsville, QLD.
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