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Increasing Build Volume on the ORD Bot | Robotronics

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Z-axis height can play a big part in maximising build volume. The maximum Z-axis height on an OrdBot is reduced by how much your hot end protrudes below the extruder mounting plate. The Z-axis height on an OrdBot with a J-Head hot end is about 160mm. I wanted to increase this by lifting the extruder up so that the hot end only just protrudes below the extruder mounting plate so I created this object which can be printed out an fits between the extruder and its mounting plate. This object will lift your extruder up 30mm.
I have also incorporated a fan mount on the front to cool the hot end shaft and then be redirected down onto the print.

I would love to hear about it if you make one.

You can find the ORD Bot Z-axis spacer on thingiverse here:-

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