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Getting your print bed level is an important step in getting good quality prints out of your 3D printer. There have been many print bed leveling systems over the years that vary widely in complexity. The system that I use is very simple and works well particularly on an ORDBot where the print beds are usually pretty good straight out of the box.

Most people tend to use bulldog clips to hold a sheet of glass down on top of their print bed heating unit which is usually bolted to the printing platform. To make this setup adjustable you just need four extra M3 nuts, no springs, no printed devices.

When you bolt you heating unit to your printing platform position the M3 bolts facing up from under the printing platform and fix them in position with an M3 nut. Then screw another M3 nut down on top of that, this one doesn't need to be tight. Place you heating unit on the M3 bolts next, followed by your sheet of glass. Fix everything in position with four large bulldog clips.

Leveling the print bed is now just a matter of winding the top M3 nuts up and down against the pressure of the bulldog clips. I used M3 nyloc nuts on mine just to make sure that the nuts don't move if you were to remove the bulldog clips and/or the glass sheet but this is probably not necessary.

This system works well and is very simple and best of all it doesn't lift you print bed up reducing you Z-axis height as many of the other systems do.

Happy printing,

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