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If you are after an ORDBot 3D printer you have come to the right place but what else besides the 'mechanical platform' do you need to have a complete 3D printer?

There are a lot of option to choose from when building you own 3D printer and it can become a little daunting when you are new to this technology so I though that I would run through some of the option and try and make it a little clearer.

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Getting your print bed level is an important step in getting good quality prints out of your 3D printer. There have been many print bed leveling systems over the years that vary widely in complexity. The system that I use is very simple and works well particularly on an ORDBot where the print beds are usually pretty good straight out of the box.

Z-axis height can play a big part in maximising build volume. The maximum Z-axis height on an OrdBot is reduced by how much your hot end protrudes below the extruder mounting plate. The Z-axis height on an OrdBot with a J-Head hot end is about 160mm. I wanted to increase this by lifting the extruder up so that the hot end only just protrudes below the extruder mounting plate so I created this object which can be printed out an fits between the extruder and its mounting plate. This object will lift your extruder up 30mm.

"Ok so I finally have a 3D printer but what software do I need to make it go?"

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